Sit Up Assistant Abdominal Core Workout Sit up Bar Fitness Adjustable Sit Ups Exercise Equipment Portable Suction Sport Home Gym

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Name: Sit Up Assistant Material: Iron/Elastic foam/Microfiber /Silica gel Sit up Size: Adjustable Weight: 0.79kg/1.2kg Effect: Comprehensive Abdominal Fitness Exercise/ Core workout Intended for: Fitness crowd Advantage: Good quality/easy to carry Application places: Gymnasiums, homes

Instructions for use:

1. After assembling the product,you need to find a clean, smooth, seamless and dry surface, then pulling down the switch while press the handle down firmly.

2. Because the suction cup is based on the principle of squeezing the air inside to achieve adsorption, it is necessary to ensure that there is no air inside when it is adsorbed. Please choose the floor we described above, and use it according to usage