Adjustable Temperature Intelligent Portable Heater

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  • $89.10
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The average warm air blower is too clumsy to move, and it's easy to trip over by messy cables. This mini portable warm air blower will change your traditional view for its mini and portable feature and it can also be used at home or in office. 

Features at a glance :  
- Adjustable thermostat:  can choose your desired temperature and heat instantly. 
- Programmable 12-hour timer:  don't worry about forgetting to turn it off no longer. 
- Digital LED screen:  can see numerical value clearly and be convenient to adjust. 
- No more messy cables:  has portable design and saves space. 
- Safety use:  plastic housing stays cool, auto shut-off and has safe ceramic heating feature. 
- Adjustable prongs direction:  is convenient, compact as well as powerful and can plug into any 2 prongs outlet. You can adjust 2 prongs direction by plug rotation button. 

- Plug warm air blower into your desired power outlet. 
- Plush on/off switch on the unit. 
- Choose your desired temperature by using the + button to increase temperature or - button to decrease temperature. 
- Choose your desired fan speed by pushing the button on the right. 
- When completely push on/off switches again and unplug warm air blower from the power outlet. Store it in a safe place. 

- Voltage rating: 110 - 240V (50 - 60Hz) 
- Power consumption: 900W 

- If the unit stops working due to overheating, please detach unit from AC power and plug in again for reset. 
- Before beginning any maintenance, unplug your warm air blower and allow to cool completely. 
- You can wipe the exterior with a non-abrasive damp cloth, or use a mild soap if need and dry with a soft cloth.