Cotton Maternity Nursing Bras

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1.Correct measurement Bra


a.Bust b.Chest
2.Choose size
A.Cup type = Bust - Chest
Different Value: 7-10cm/2.75-3.9in Cup Type: A
Different Value: 10-12.5cm/3.93-4.9in Cup Type: B
Different Value: 12.5-15/4.92-5.9in Cup Type: C
Different Value: 15-17.5cm/5.90-6.9in Cup Type: D
B.Bra size=Chest Cup type
For example:
Your Bust size is 96.5cm
Chest size is 83.5cm
Difference value is 13.0cm
Corresponding to the cup is a C cup
Then your bra size is 85 C
Bra Size Chart
UK Size: 34B/34C EU Size:75B/75C Bust: 85-94cm/33.5-37.0in
UK Size: 36B/36C EU Size:80B/80C Bust : 93-98cm/36.6-38.6in
UK Size: 38B/38C EU Size:85B/85C Bust : 98-104cm/38.6-41.0in
UK Size: 40B/40C EU Size:90B/90C Bust : 102-108cm/40.1-42.5in
UK Size: 42B/42C EU Size:95B/95C Bust : 108-114cm/42.5-44.9in
Panties Size Chart
Panties Size: 34B/34C=M Waist:75-105cm/29.5-41.3in Height:150-170cm/59.0-66.9in Weight:45-55kg/99-121lb
Panties Size: 36B/36C=L Waist:90-115cm/35.5-45.2in Height:155-170cm/61.0-66.9in Weight:55-65kg/121-143lb
Panties Size: 38B/38C=XL Waist:100-125cm/39.3-49.2in Height:158-175cm/62.2-68.9in Weight:65-70kg/143-154lb
Panties Size: 40B/40C=XXL Waist:105-140cm/41.3-55.1in Height:160-175cm/63.0-69.0in Weight:70-80kg/154-176lb
Panties Size: 42B/42C=XXL Waist: 105-140cm/41.3-55.1in Height: 160-175cm/63.0-69.0in Weight: 70-80kg/154-176lb
* Pls Measure your size accordding to these chart , Contact me if you need our help
* Items measure by hand , it could be 1-2cm different
* Picture and goods has nuances is normal

Maternity  Nursing Bras (1)


Maternity  Nursing Bras (11)

Maternity  Nursing Bras (2)
Comfortable Fabrics - Breathable
One-handed unbutton
Easy to ease breast tenderness
breastfeeding - no steel ring - comfortable
Maternity  Nursing Bras (3) Maternity & Nursing Bras (4)
During pregnancy - During lactation - Weaning period
Easy and comfortable, keep blood flowing
Will not oppress the breast, better breastfeeding
Adjust the body shaping, prevent sagging breasts
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