Air Purifier For Home True HEPA Filters Compact Desktop Purifiers Filtration with Night Light Air Cleaner GL2109

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  • $88.20
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Run Quietly 30-55db

Let your purifier work quietly with Sleep Mode

Remove 99.97% Harmful Particles

Dust Mildew Pollen Germ Pet dander Smoke

3 Stage for Filtration

Preliminary Filter Capture large particles such as pets’ hair, fur and lint True HEPA Filter Capture small particles such as dust, airborne, bacteria and pollen High-efficiency Activated Carbon Filter Neutralize various household odors, such as cooking smell, pet odor and smoke

Easy To Install

3 Step 1.Flip it upside down and remove the filter cover 2. Install the filter 3.Place the cover on the purifier


1.Once Press Turn on the purifier and light one. 2.Twice Press Press it again for Sleep Mod, half of light off, and it will turn off automatically after 8 hours use. 3.Three times Press Turn off the purifier. 4.Four times Press Stop Running.